Tuesday, October 11, 2011

with Shannon Taylor Vannatter

Welcome to the Barn Door Book Loft, Shannon!
Is there a story behind this book?

Several years ago, my husband I took our son to the Arkansas State Fair. I saw a girl dressed in a pin-striped business suit and black suede boots holding hands with a cowboy wearing Wranglers, Stetson, and boots. I wondered where they met and what they could possibly have in common. I wrote a short story about a city girl and a bull rider, but it soon became a book.

What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
I always read inspirational. Usually contemporary romance, sometimes I delve into women's fiction, and on rare occasions, I read romantic suspense. I love happily-ever-afters, so that's why I enjoy romance the most.

I don't read very often because I don't want to do anything else when I've got a good book. I recently read Mary Connealy's Buffalo Gal. It's an older book, but I just got around to it. It was a hoot and the conflict was great. She really had me wondering how she would get the hero and heroine together.

If you were a style of music, what style would you be?
Traditional hymns

What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?
When I was at the Romance Waterfalls for my book launch party for my debut novel, I realized that all of my heroes and heroines in that series had romantic moments at the falls. I grabbed my husband and made him kiss me while my friend took pictures. He was really uncomfortable kissing for the camera, but I love those pictures.

Are there things you put off doing because you dread them?
Putting the laundry away. If it doesn't matter if it wrinkles, it gets stalled in the laundry basket.

What's your favorite meal with family and friends?
Noodles (The kind you don’t have to cook first)
2 lbs. Hamburger
32 oz. Spaghetti Sauce (I use Prego Traditional)
1 ½ cups water
3 cups Mozzarella Cheese
2 cups Cottage Cheese (hubby doesn’t like curds, so I put in the blender with eggs)
2 Eggs

Cook hamburger and drain. Mix hamburger, spaghetti sauce, and water, let simmer. Mix cheeses and eggs in separate dish. Layer sauce mix, uncooked noodles, sauce mix, cheese mixture, noodles, etc. ending with sauce mix in deep 10 x 13 pan. Cover with foil and bake 1 hour at 350.

Share a verse or Scripture passage with us that is special to you.
Colossians 3:23: “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” It's my life verse and try to follow it in everything I do.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
Rodeo Dust should be available any time at http://www.heartsongpresents.com/books. The next book in the series is about a youth director/bull fighter (formerly known as rodeo clown) and a formerly promiscuous photographer. It's set in Aubrey and the Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas area. My family and I went to the Fort Worth Stockyards last spring so I could get the details right. I don't have an official release date, but I think next spring.

Shannon is giving away a copy of Rodeo Dust. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


marybelle said...

Traditional hymns are uplifting. I am looking forward to reading RODEO DUST.


Patsy said...

Shannon, my husband and I enjoy traditional hymns too. I guess we're kinda more into southern gospel. Colossians 3:23 is one of my favorite verses too.


Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This looks like an amazing book. I would love to read this.


wfnren said...

Would love to win this book, thank you for doing the interview and hosting the giveaway.


Charity said...

Please enter me. I love italian as well:) Thanks!

margie said...

Sounds like a great story!! Would love a chance to win. margie at mijares dot net

Teela said...

The lasagna recipe looks yummy, RODEO DUST looks yummy and my favorite hymn is BE THOU MY VISION. Thanks for the interview and the chance to win this book! teelayoung at hotmail dot com

jewels67 said...

I am so glad that my friend Brenda found you on facebook.. I have enjoyed your book so very much. I will buy them regardless if I win or not... thanks shannon for inspiring so many others in your god given talent.

Shannon Taylor Vannatter said...

My favorite all time hymn is The Old Rugged Cross.

Rebecca, it was fun to write. I hope it's just as fun to read.

wfnren, I really enjoyed the interview. It was fun.

Charity, My favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

I hope you get a chance to read it.

The hero is yummy too.

cheim@moroch.com said...

Thanks for the chance to win.

ann said...

Looks like a good one to read for me - enter me
amhengst at verizon dot net

Illene Stewart said...

You are everywhere. I sent our pic to the Batesville paper with a little write up. I'll get you a copy. Need a publicity manager?

Illene Stewart
144 Luna Trail
Edgemont, Arkansas 72044

Pam K. said...

I would like to read the story of the city girl and the bull rider to find out how and why they get together. Thanks for the chance to win a book by Shannon. I haven't yet read any of her books but will have to look for them.


Shannon Taylor Vannatter said...

Hi Jewel,
Brenda is a great publicist. Thank you both for your support. So glad you enjoyed the books.

cheim and Ann,
I hope you both get the chance to read it.

Hey Illene,
Awesome! I can't wait to see it. Actually, I do.

Hey Pam,
They have a rough ride for a while.

Anonymous said...

Good interview.
I'd like to read this book.


Jo said...

Jeremiah 29:11 is the scripture that always stands out for me and I hold on to because I know that He is in control of my life.

I would love to read this book.


Shannon Taylor Vannatter said...

Hey Sunny,
Glad you enjoyed the interview. I did too.

That's a great verse. I love peace.

Marianne said...

thanks, Esther. i reviewed Shannons Bridal Falls series, and i love her work. Please count me in for this novel.

mitzi_wanham at yahoo dot com

Merry said...

I enjoy hearing about what inspires a book. Please add me for Rodeo Dust, it sounds terrific.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

apple blossom said...

please enter me thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Shannon Taylor Vannatter said...

Thanks for the compliment.

My husband jokes when I get that far off look and he knows I've got an idea. He'll say, She's gone.

Hey Apple Blossom,
Hope you get a chance to read the book.

Amy said...

Would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

sweetdarknectar at gmail dot com

Shannon Taylor Vannatter said...

I love doing interviews and giveaways. Thanks for stopping by.

Roanna said...

Love the cover!

please enter me!

Thank you!

Roanna from Ohio

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