Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Esther and I have been thankful for the unexpected break in the schedule--August ambushed us and we are just now getting out these winners. Book giveaways will now be open one week, to simplify things on this end.

If your view of the Book Loft is wonky, my apologies. The gremlins have been busy while we were on sabbatical and I'm working to put things back where they belong.

THANK YOU for your patience and understanding!

Tomorrow we are back in full swing (and grateful August is behind us! LOL) with one or two spotlights a day. Hope you all had a wonderful summer!


The winner of:
  • Christine Lindsay's Shadowed in Silk is Ann (amhengst)
  • Sherry Kyle's Delivered with Love is Amy (sweetdarknectar)
  •  Lisa Grace's Angel in the Storm is Katy (agirlslegacy)
  •  Margaret Brownley's A Vision of Lucy is Tracy Smith
  • Diana Brandemeyers's We're not Blended, We're Pureed is margie
  • Michelle Sutton's Their Separate Ways is Laura J
  •  Ronie Kendig's Wolfsbane is Joanne Sher
  •  Kathleen Y'Barbo's The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck is Emma (augustlily)
  • Christa Allan's The Edge of Grace is Andi
  • Pam Hillman's Stealing Jake is Teresa M
  •  Thomas Blubaugh's Night of the Cossack is Yvonne Blake
  •  Dora Hier's Journey's End is Courtney
  • Miralee Ferrell's Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming is Kim Greig
  • Betsy St. Amant's Fireman Dad is Anne Payne
  •  Lacy William's Marrying Miss Marshal is Rebecca (agentbeckster)
  •  Bonnie Leon's Wings of Promise is Susan H
  • Michelle Sutton's Letting Go is Kristine

Winners, it's your responsibility to contact me (Patty {at}BarnDoorBookLoft {dot}net) with your address so the author can send you a book.

Subscribing by email will ensure you don't miss the winners list. ;-)

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Charity U said...

Congrats, winners!

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