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Roger Bruner's Lost in Dreams

Roger Bruner worked as a teacher, job counselor, and programmer analyst before retiring to pursue his dream of writing Christian fiction full-time.

A guitarist and songwriter, he is active in his church's choir, early service praise team, and nursing home ministry. Roger also enjoys reading, photography, web design, mission trips, and spending time with his wonderful wife, Kathleen.

You can find Roger online at,,

Lost in Dreams

Grace, hope, and healing intersect in the California mountains.

From the moment eighteen-year-old Kim Hartlinger steps off the plane from a mission trip to a remote Mexican village, her journey takes a turn for the worse. As she collides with the biggest challenge of her young life—and faith—Kim struggles with haunting questions and recurring nightmares. . .all the while trying to hide a deep, dark secret.

Will Kim find the hope and healing she needs? . . . Or is her broken spirit beyond repair?

Here's an excerpt of Lost in Dreams:

“Kim! Look out!”

Aleesha’s scream almost gave me a heart attack as it split the early afternoon lull and reverberated throughout the Skyfly Departures Terminal at San Diego International Airport.

Before I could figure out what I was supposed to look out for, my feet started sliding gracelessly across the floor. Was this one of those California earthquakes I’d heard so much about?

But how could it be when I seemed to be the only object shaking or moving?

As I teetered and tottered to maintain my balance, I felt like a pedestrian who’s stepped on an unexpected patch of icy sidewalk. . .and never stopped sliding.

I didn’t have a chance to think about protecting the arm I’d broken in Mexico a couple of weeks earlier. I was too concerned with not breaking my neck this time.

Just as I stopped skating out of control and started regaining my stability, I made the mistake of shifting my weight the tiniest bit. That motion offset my center of gravity just enough to make both feet shoot out from under me. Although Aleesha had gotten close enough to grasp my unbroken arm, she couldn’t hold onto it.

I wish I could say her valiant effort served as a parachute slowing my fall, but truth be known, I probably more closely resembled a jumper whose chute has failed to open.

From a speeding, out-of-control vertical position to splatteredflatonthefloor in 3.353 seconds. That would be a new record for any accident-prone eighteen-year-old. It was for me.

“Ow.” Good girl, Kim. No cursing. God cured you of that in Santa MarĂ­a.

I sat up and wiggled back and forth a time or two to make sure my most important body parts were still working. I focused on the expressions of concerned passersby to keep from having to look at Aleesha’s laughing face.

Here's the book trailer for Lost in Dreams:

You can purchase Lost in Dreams from Amazon.

Roger is giving away a copy of Lost in Dreams. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


Linda Kish said...

I would love to win a copy of this book.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Judy said...

Enjoyed Roger's interview. His book Lost in Dreams sounds like it will be a good read. I haven't read anything by Roger yet. He is a new author to me. I'm looking forward to his books.


Anonymous said...

Grace, hope and healing are great themes to read about! Thank you for the chance to win!
Kelly Y. in Virginia

Tracy Smith said...

This sounds like a really good read! Please enter me into this giveaway.

Have a great day!

countrysunset40 (at) aol dot com

cjajsmommy said...

The excerpt is interesting. Please enter me to win a copy of this book.

Marianne said...

Loved the interview, Esther and Roger...would love to win. Thanks for the blogpost and giveaway. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a great book. I'd love to win a copy. Thank you for hosting Roger!


lgm52 said...

This sounds intriguing..would love to have a copy!

Jo said...

This book sounds great and I would love to win a copy of it.


Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Loved the book trailer, Roger! Best of luck on your future publications--I know there will be more. : )


Rebecca said...

I would love to win this. This sounds like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win.


Terilr said...

I'd love to read your sounds inviting..I too would love to write a book someday!

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