Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Grace Bridges, Founder of Splashdown Books

By Jennifer Slattery

Science Fiction author and owner of Splashdown Books, Grace Bridges, sort of trickled into the publishing world. “I first dabbled in self-publishing and discovered that I really like the process of bringing a book to publication,” she said. “But I wanted to use this skillset for more than just my own novels. I kept on encountering wonderful stories in critique groups, and because of their weirdness level there often wasn't much hope of publication. Yet there are a ton of readers who love speculative tales, and I want to connect them with these authors.”

Speculative fiction novels and movies certainly appear to be gaining in popularity. Perhaps it is the complete break from reality they offer. I believe Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHayes initiated this alternative reality trend with their popular "Left Behind Series." Shortly thereafter, C.S. Lewis’s "The Chronicles of Narnia" became the staple for many readers across the country. Of course, we’ll always have our spec-fic greats like Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker paving the way with mind-expanding, soul-gripping novels.

Like these other great novels, Splashdown Books wants to provide a connection between authors and fans of a genre with the capability to transport the reader to other worlds. “It's a twofold vision really: finding awesome stories, and finding the readers who want them,” said Bridges.

So, what kind of books does Splashdown publish? “The weird stuff,” Bridges said. “Science fiction, fantasy and supernatural are our main branches, though they can also mix with each other.”

They’ve managed to do just that with their recent supernatural thriller,
Winter, by Keven Newsome:

Winter Maessen didn't ask for the gift of prophecy. She's happy being a freak - but now everyone thinks she's crazy. Or evil. Goths aren't all the same, you know. Some are Christians. ...Christians to whom God sends visions. Students at her university are being attacked, and Winter knows there's more than flesh and blood at work. Her gift means she's the only one who can stop it - but at what price?

Check it out at Amazon and watch the amazing video trailer, filmed by the author:

You can also get it in ebook form.

Splashdown Books is certainly a publishing company to keep your eye on, especially if you love speculative fiction. Haven’t tried a spec-fic? Then now’s your chance. Grace Bridges is giving away a free electronic copy of Aquasynthesis, with the rather special condition that anyone can have one who convinces me with their comment that they want it! (This applies to all of you--an unlimited number!) Just for fun...

Aquasynthesis Blurb: Gizile follows her mysterious teacher, Tok, as they look into the ice of an ocean pool to contemplate a series of strange and mystical visions:
Astonishing tales of technology and transcendence, aliens and elves, space and time, dragons and demons, prophecies and scriptures, humor and horror, the gifted and the enslaved, virtual and supernatural reality, insanity and inspiration.

Get a copy of best this Amazon hot-selling fantasy Aquasynthesis now!

Grace Bridges is the owner of Splashdown Books, and an incurably voracious reader and author of sci-fi. She has two published books: Faith Awakened (2007) and Legendary Space Pilgrims (2010). Grace is a Kiwi of Irish descent at home in New Zealand, and is a multilingual do-it-yourself gal. A history of all her publications, including short stories available online, can be found here.
Join us tomorrow as Grace shares what she looks for when contracting new authors.

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