Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grace Bridges From Splashdown Books Tells Authors How to go From Good to Great!

By Jennifer Slattery

I’m always amazed to see talented authors like Grace Bridges launch and grow successful publishing companies. Witnessing Bridges success with Splashdown Books provokes one question: How does she do it. According to Bridges, it’s all a matter of continual forward momentum. “Momentum: that indefinable something that is made up of team dynamics, each author's motivation, overall buzz, and every individual sale,” Bridges said.

Of course, in order to generate continual momentum, you need to publish quality novels. So, what is it that makes a great novel? According to Bridges, “Story, character and style. Seriously. Anyone who nails all three has a winner.”

Once she’s found a dynamic author with a great story, she partners with them to make their story even better from first to final sale. It’s all about team work. “Every possible aspect of production is run past them before moving on to the next step,” said Bridges. “From initial critiques through substantive and line edits, to questions of design, blurb and marketing, the author is required to be involved at all times - this is not optional in the slightest. There's work to be done and I don't see anyone else stepping up to do it. Me? I'm publishing and that takes ALL my time as it is.”

What advice would Bridges give to aspiring authors? “Be flexible, be teachable, and above all be kind to those around you in the industry,” Bridges said. “Who you are as you interact will be remembered just as much as what you write.”

Most importantly, be prepared to stick with your craft for the long-haul, always finding ways to improve. “I have seen many new authors claim that their work is ready for publishing when this is sadly not the case,” Bridges said. “They're setting themselves up for disappointment if they think that. Self-confidence is a great thing, but we should never lose the willingness to improve. Even a published book could still be improved on - though we do have to let it go at some point and move on - so it is doubly true of pre-published work. Be confident, but don't say ‘My work is perfect.’ Rather, say, ‘I can do the work to make it the best it can be.’”

To get a taste of Splashdown's style and feel, dive into Aquasynthesis - their first team anthology. “Every author who has a novel with us is represented in this collection of short stories, some of which tie into those full novels,” Bridges said. “At 200 pages, it's a decent-sized read, and twenty-five very different science fiction, fantasy and supernatural tales from eleven authors are connected with a narration from Walt Staples. We're selling it at an unbeatable $5.98 in print and $2.99 for e-readers."

And remember, there's still time to win a free ecopy of Aquasynthesis. It's easy and a gauranteed win--simply leave a comment expressing why you absolutely, positively must have a copy!

“Also, if you haven't already, be sure and check out our multi-author microfiction project Avenir Eclectia at It's a shared mosaic-style storyworld of flash fiction, with elements of science fiction, fantasy and supernatural - something for everyone. We're always looking for new contributors, and that gives you the chance to be published in an Avenir Eclectia anthology. Or just come along and read!”

Avenir Eclectia blurb:
Come with us on a journey to a planet the universe forgot. The Avenir: once a generational ship, now grown into a residential station, and Eclectia, the highly unstable planet she orbits. Its people have forgotten Earth. Wizards keep old tech running, while orphans scrape together a living, and aristocrats live the high life. Far below on Eclectia, miners suffer grit and extreme seasons. Volcanoes or earthquakes may break out at any time, so it's safer undersea. Submarines connect cities in the depths. The oceans teem with telepathic life that some call angels. Merchants and smugglers ply their trades. Broken planet Sheba is mined for ore. Survival is an everyday question. SF, fantasy, supernatural - multi-author microfiction adventure, three times a week at

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