Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The winner of:
  • Margaret Daley's Protecting Her Own is Emma
  • Dorothy Love's Beyond All Measure is Margaret Metz
  •  Teena Stewars's Benevolence: Ministry to the Poor and Needy is Charlotte Kay
  •  Lynn Squire's Joab's Fire is Hoomi
  • Keven Newsome's Winter is Teresa M
  • Susan Sleeman's Behind the Badge is Tracy Smith
  •  K. Dawn Byrd's Mistaken Identity is Shellie Neumeier
  • Patty Smith Hall's Hearts in Flight is Lynda Schab
    Winners, it's your responsibility to contact me (Patty {at}BarnDoorBookLoft {dot}net) with your address so the author can send you a book. Subscribing by email will ensure you don't miss the winners list. ;-)

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