Tuesday, June 7, 2011

with Marybeth Whalen

Welcome to the Barn Door Book Loft, Marybeth!
People talk about life before children—what was your life before writing?

I can’t say writing gave me significance or an identity beyond what I already had. My primary role is still mom, wife, and child of God. However, it did add something in that I feel now like I am doing the thing I was wired to do. Finding that—and then getting to do it—is no small thing.

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?
The time to write all the things I want to write. I have a busy household and don’t always get to write as much as I’d like. It’s like going to a cafeteria and having eyes that are bigger than your stomach, as my grandmother used to say. I have more ideas than my hands can type! But that’s good. I’ve just got to pace myself, realizing that one day, Lord willing, I will write all the things I desire to write.

What book have you recently enjoyed reading?
I just got to read an advanced copy of Susan Meissner’s upcoming book A Sound Among The Trees and I devoured it in a day! I love how Susan combines historical and contemporary women’s fiction. She’s a great writer and one of my heroes. I read a LOT in both CBA (Christian publishing) and ABA (general market). This year I’ve just started keeping a reading log, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s made me a much more organized reader. It’s so fun to see how many books I read on average—I’ve never stopped to think about it before.

Which character in your new release most interested you while you wrote?
Justine. She’s the antagonist, I guess you could say, but I had such sympathy for her as I wrote. It was truly a case of “But by the grace of God, go I.” I could understand how she got herself into a bad situation… and felt there was no way out.

If you were a dessert, what would you be?
A hot fudge brownie sundae with about five toppings! I have so much I love doing—I can’t be just one thing. I’ve got to keep piling stuff on!

If you were to find a purple polka-dotted monster in your kitchen one morning, how would you respond?
I would capture him and tell my kids they could keep him as a pet. Last week I rescued the tiniest little turtle from certain death as he was trying to cross the street. I took him home and let my kids keep him for a day or so. They loved observing him and built him quite the little habitat based on what we learned on Google. Of course, I am not sure you can Google “how to care for and feed a purple polka-dotted monster.”

Tell us about one of your favorite memories or moments in your life.
My favorite memories all revolve around summertime and water. Just get me to the pool or the beach and let the sun shine! I was as sad as my children last year when summer was over. I am SO glad summer is upon us once more and I already know it will go too fast.

What's one of your dreaded things to do?
Grocery shop. Though I love the feeling after it’s over of having the pantry and fridge stocked, sometimes I just can’t drag myself in there one more time.

Are there spiritual themes you like to write about?
Grace, forgiveness, second chances, love, our value in God’s eyes.

What is the Lord teaching you, or recently taught you?
To trust implicitly and to not assert my own agenda. In Matthew 6:25 it says “Take no thought for your life.” And yet, I spend so much time doing exactly that… letting my mind dwell on the little things that add up to a lot of needless worry.

When is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
My next book will be out in fall of 12, Lord willing. It’s similar to my first book, The Mailbox, in that it takes place at Sunset Beach NC and revolves around an inanimate object that brings two people together over time and against all odds. I love a good love story! After that well… let’s just say I’ve got no shortage of ideas.

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What a great cover on your book. I am looking forward to reading the book.


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I loved the interview! Marybeth is a new author to me and I'd love to win a copy of, She Makes It Look Easy! I too love the cover of this book.



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Another great giveaway. I love giveaway's and thank you for the opportuity to enter this one.
Marybeth has another book due out in 2012 that takes place at Sunset Beach NC.. I will be looking forward to the release on this one since I love books set in the South and so close to my home state of Georgia.

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