Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Hope Publishers--Catch the Vision

Guest post by Jennifer Slattery

At the CWG Writing for the Soul Conference in Denver this past February, Andrea Mullins always had a kind word or encouraging smile to offer anyone who happened her way. She radiates with the love of Christ and is committed to her mission. She longs to see believers make a positive difference.

New Hope Publishers is mission-minded. Their goal is to challenge readers to be the hands and feet of Christ, whether that means ministering to orphans or fighting against sex-trafficking. New Hope authors are ambassadors and inspirations--men and women living contagiously sold out for Christ.

"We are looking for authors whose message has kingdom value," Mullins says. This includes fiction and nonfiction titles. Speaking on the effectiveness of Christian fiction compared to nonfiction, Mullins says, "...I...believe they have equal impact potential. Fiction can involve the emotions in ways that nonfiction doesn’t always do. And fiction can confront us with information that challenges our assumptions and forces us to rethink our actions or position or values."

When listening to authors talk about future projects, Mrs. Mullins is as concerned with the author's faith-walk as she is with their writing. "I like hearing about an author’s journey," Mullins says, "their faith walk, so I can put their proposed book into context and have some understanding of who they are and where they are going with their ministry and their writing."

New Hope books have eternal value, are able to transform the culture and stimulate positive change, and are written by authors with a strong faith walk and a thriving ministry. It is no wonder, then, that this Christ-centered publishing house has experienced such success.

Visit New Hope Publishers to find out more about their books and their mission.


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