Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Dr. Andrea Mullins, Publisher at New Hope Publishers

Guest post by Jennifer Slattery

Yesterday I introduced you to New Hope Publishers, a company passionate about Christ and spreading His redemptive message. They've coined the term "missional fiction," and today Dr. Andrea Mullins, Publisher at New Hope, visits with us to share New Hope's vision and what they seek to accomplish with their fiction line.

"Our mission is to encourage and equip believers to be actively involved in God’s mission," Mullins says. "Our mission is why we love what we do. We believe our authors and our books are making an impact for God’s kingdom concerns."

Authors and companies focused on expanding the kingdom have one thing in common--a commitment to effectiveness. Research and experience has demonstrated the power of story-telling. Great stories tap into the heart, challenge pre-conceived ideas, and saturate open-minds with truth. With their missional fiction, New Hope produces exceptional stories centered around eternal issues and concerns.

"Our fiction is like any good fiction—great stories of romance and intrique that will make a reader laugh and cry," Mullins says. "But our fiction is around important issues that Christians are addressing and must understand in today’s world. Our goal is that readers will not only be entertained by the stories, but will also be challenged to test their assumptions and even take action or get involved as a result of what they have read."

This was the model Jesus used. A great portion of the New Testament is made of parables--powerful, thought provoking stories designed to challenge assumptions and invoke action.

"Fiction can involve the emotions in ways that nonfiction doesn’t always do," Mullins says. "And fiction can confront us with information that challenges our assumptions and forces us to rethink our actions or position or values."

There recent release, People of the Book, opened countless eyes to the suffering many of our brothers and sisters in Christ face daily. It is the fourth in a four part series on the persecuted church.

"Readers have said they can’t quit thinking about it after they’ve read it," Mullins says. "The story is about a young Muslim woman who lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who encounters Jesus in a dream. She discovers a chat room online where former Muslims gather to discuss their new faith, based on their belief that Isa is much more than a Muslim prophet—He is actually the Son of God. As we know, the decision she makes may bring the ultimate penalty."

Hearing the testimony of other Christians who lay everything, even their life, on the line for their faith, challenges me to look past the superficial. It encourages us to move beyond casual Christianity, reminding us of the verse that says, "To him whom much is given, much is expected." And yet, sadly, it seems that verse often gets flipped in life. Those who struggle most often give the most. Works like People of the Book challenge us to make an about face.

They've also received a great response for their recent release, Orphanology, Awakening to Gospel Centered Adoption and Orphan Care by Tony Merida and Rick Morton.

"The response gives evidence that churches and Christian families are seeing that adoption and care of orphans is an opportunity to make an impact on human exploitation, poverty, world evangelization, family values, etc," Mullins says. "Adoption is one of the next missions frontiers."

Throughout history, literature has served as a catalyst to change. It is exciting to see God expand New Hope Publishers' reach as they seek to impact the world for Christ.

Join us tomorrow as Andrea talks about what she looks for in authors.

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