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Terry Burns of Hartline Literary

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It's Hartline week here at The Book Loft! All of this week's books were contracted by Hartline Literary. Enjoy! 

Terry Burns is an agent with Hartline Literary as well as writing inspirational fiction. As a writer he has over 40 books in print including 10 novels. He has a new series from Port Yonder Press entitled “The Sagebrush Collection” of his collected short works and the first released March 2010 entitled “On the Road Home.” A Young Adult entitled Beyond the Smoke won the Will Rogers Medallion and a new book “A Writer’s Survival Guide to Publication” also from Port Yonder Press was developed out of the month long course he held for ACFW.

A popular speaker at workshops across the country, a bookstore of his available works as well as a regular blog can be found at www.terryburns.net.

As an agent Terry says "I'm looking for a good book, well written in a unique voice, aimed at a market that looks promising, and where I feel I have the contacts appropriate to be able to sell the book in that market. I’m pretty open as to genre but I don’t do children’s books, sci fi or fantasy. He’s a member of the Association of Author’s Representatives (AAR).

A Writer's Survival Guide to Publication

Everything you ever wanted to know about getting published, by a literary agent and western novelist.

Author K.M. Weiland left this review of A Writer's Survival Guide to Publication on Amazon:
Adapted from an online course offered through the American Christian Fiction Writers Association, this compact book by literary agent and multi-pubbed author Terry Burns offers a glimpse behind the curtain into the truth of what agents really expect from supplicant authors. Burns opens with a fabulous chapter on banishing shyness and projecting confidence in both personal meetings with agents and written proposals.

From there, he goes on to offer an accessible battle plan for adopting the right mindset in querying agents and editors. He discusses the particulars of the art of querying and shares insights from his extensive experience as both an author and an agent. His unique perspective offers readers a balanced look at both sides of publishing business, and his calm and reasonable suggestions, encouragement, and precautions are invaluable.

Most chapters conclude with a Q&A section, take verbatim from his online courses, which offers further clarifications and, in many instances, answered any outstanding questions I had after completing the body of the chapter. Burns closes the book with a peek at one of his own successful submission packages, rounding off a thoroughly useful and expedient read.

I was fortunate enough to be in the ACFW class that Terry turned into this book. That class (on top of Janice Thompson's class) played a large role in reformatting my thinking process and helped enable me to do many of the things I'm doing now--everything from this site, to teaching online and even teaching a ladies Bible study. For me, this is major. Before Terry's class I couldn't participate in Sunday School without my heart racing and breaking out into a cold sweat. Now I'm teaching weekly and at small conferences, and loving it. Talk about measurable improvement! =) Thank you, Terry.

Did you know Terry has a magic hat? Join us tomorrow for an interview with Terry where he answers a question he wished writers would ask, as well as for another chance to enter the drawing for A Writer's Survival Guide to Publication.

You can purchase A Writer's Survival Guide to Publication here.

To be entered in the book drawing for A Writer's Survival Guide to Publication, leave a comment on any and all of the Spot on PEAs posts this week. Winner will be announced on June 15th.

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Joanne Sher said...

Terry is a kind, helpful, and friendly guy. Looking forward to the interview tomorrow. Thanks so much for Spot on PEAs!

Patty Wysong said...

Hi guys!
If you find you're having trouble leaving a comment for some reason just email me your 'comment' and I'll add it to the drawing. =]

patty {at} BarnDoorBookLoft {dot}net


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the interview. Terry's comments on the ACFW loop are always insightful.
Kelly Griffin

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to win
this book!

Meredith said...

Looks like a book with lots of good advice!

meredithfl at gmail dot com

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