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meet Hartline Literary Agency

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Since many readers are also writers, one of the things we do occasionally is to spotlight Publishers, Editors, and Agents (PEAs). This week we're not only spotlighting Hartline Literary, but when I was scheduling things I noticed something special: the authors that open and close this week's book giveaways both have books that were contracted by Hartline Literary. With a little help from the wonderful people of ACFW, we have a packed week of books that Hartline Literary contracted. That means
it's Hartline week!

Hartline Literary Agency's core strength is representing inspirational fiction and non-fiction books for adults. They do not market children's books, short fiction, screenplays, scripts, poetry, or magazine articles. They represent most genres in inspirational or commercial fiction except science fiction and fantasy. They are probably not the right agency to market your literary fiction, nor do they represent books that contain extraordinary violence, unnecessary profanity, or gratuitous sexuality.

Hartline Literary Agency strives to be accessible. Our brand is "The Agency with Heart." Our clients often tell us that we are friendly and service-oriented, and that they enjoy being represented by the Hartline agents. We're proud of our reputation, and also of the rapport we've built with major publishers. (For more information visit Harline's About page.)

Although I'm not a client of Hartline, anytime I've emailed with a question, their response was fast, friendly and helpful, even though they're all very busy people. That says a lot to someone like me who is keeping my eye open for possible agents in the future.

Be sure to keep up with Hartline Literary at their blog, From the Heart.

This week we have five books to give away that were contracted by Hartline agents. Here's one of them. (Be sure to leave a comment on Lynette Eason's spotlight to be entered in the giveaway of A Killer Among Us.) Each day we'll spotlight a Hartline author AND a Hartline agent.

Check out the other authors represented by Hartline.

And while you're there, be sure to check out their submission guidelines.

To accompany this Spot on PEAs, Terry Burns, a Hartline agent, is giving away a copy of his A Writer's Survival Guide to Getting Published.

Here's a review W. Terry Whalen left on Amazon:
Every would-be author faces a critical decision point in their journey to publication. It's when they submit their manuscript to the editor or literary agent. Sometimes they do it in person at a writer's conference. Most frequently they send it via email or a hard copy. For every novelist, they need to craft a great story but what many of them fail to consider is their first impression. They only have ONE chance to make a good first impression.

Multi-published author-turned-literary-agent Terry Burns knows what it takes to get past that first hurdle (and the ones that follow). A WRITER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE is a practical and realistic picture of the persistent search for every author to get published. Burns says, "The biggest secret to publishing is the ability to get the right product to the right person at the right place and the right time...Hitting all four of these--product, person, place and time--correctly is the whole game." (Page 82)

The contents for this book originated from an online course Burns taught for the members of the American Christian Fiction Writers. The pages ooze with an experienced voice of someone who has had many writers pitch their stories. Every novelist will profit from a careful reading of this book--then applying the information to their next pitch.

To be entered in the book drawing for A Writer's Survival Guide to Getting Published leave a comment on any (and all!) of this week's Spot on PEAs posts.

Join us tomorrow to meet Terry Burns!
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Joanne Sher said...

This is a FABULOUS book - which I already own :) You DON'T want to miss it! Looking forward to this spotlight!

Patty Wysong said...

Hi guys!
If you find you're having trouble leaving a comment for some reason just email me your 'comment' and I'll add it to the drawing. =]

patty {at} BarnDoorBookLoft {dot}net


Anonymous said...

Would love to win this. I've read a lot of reviews, and it sounds like an awesome read!

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