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Susan Page Davis' LFY in Prince Edward Island

Susan Page Davis is the author of more than 30 novels in the historical romance, mystery, romantic suspense, and romance genres. Her latest electronic book, Mailbox Mayhem, includes a story originally published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and a companion story.

A Maine native, Susan lives in western Kentucky with her editor husband Jim and the two youngest of their six children.

You can find Susan online at her Website,

Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island pulls out all the stops to prepare for the visit of Prince Albert Edward (Queen Victoria’s son, later King Edward VII) in 1860. Molly Orland, a farmer’s daughter, is hired as a housemaid at the governor’s mansion, where the prince and his entourage will stay. Peter Stark is sent ahead of the royal party to ensure the arrangements are in order. Though Peter and Molly are attracted to each other, there seems to be no future for them, since Peter must soon leave with his master, the Earl of Washburn, and Molly will lose her job if discovered to be engaging in a flirtation with one of the visitors. However, Molly’s family harbors a secret that connects her family to Washburn’s. Can she and Peter overcome the past and set right a 60-year-old wrong?

Here's an excerpt of Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island:

Mr. Dundas appeared to find the entire morning’s activities a lark. He led the way up to the second floor landing, where Peter again cringed at setting his boots on the plush rugs that lined the hallways.

“I believe I’ll slip my boots off.” Peter sat down on a chair next to the stairway door.

“Very conscientious. Leave them at your chamber door, and the footman will take them away to polish them for you.”

Peter smiled. While he didn’t normally black boots anymore, he had done that chore at Washburn’s estate and would not disdain doing it again. He nodded at Dundas. “Thank you, sir.”

“I enjoyed it, Stark. Always a pleasure to have a decent horseman as a riding companion.”

His Honour ambled down the hallway, leaving evidence of his passing in little clumps of red mud on the rug. Peter smiled at his casual compliment, picked up his boots, and stood. Now if he could only make it to his room without dropping them. He set out cautiously, hoping he didn’t meet anyone on the way. He threw a glance over the railing as he passed through the gallery over the main hall. One of the footmen was crossing it in the direction of the dining room.

Peter turned the corner into the hall of the north wing and stopped suddenly, face to face with a girl. No, not a girl, a young woman. A very pretty young woman with golden hair and blue eyes. As he took in the shocked expression that drew her lips into an O, he realized that she was the same maid he’d encountered the previous afternoon when under Milton’s guidance.

“I beg your pardon.” He held his mud-caked boots well away from his own clothes and her dress and turned sideways to keep them even farther from her. Her gaze traveled from his face along the length of his outstretched arm to the boots then down to his feet. Peter’s face heated as he considered that she now regarded his stocking feet. “I … er … riding …”

She looked up with a quick smile. “To be sure. Would you like me to take those boots for you, sir?”

“Oh, no, I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“Why not? It’s our job to make your stay comfortable.”

“Oh, it is. I am. I mean...” Peter gave up with a shrug and a tentative smile. “Sorry. I’m Peter Stark.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And you are … ?”

She hesitated, and her cheeks flushed prettily. “I’m Molly, but I don’t think … ”

Of course. She was forbidden to speak to guests unless they asked for some service. He should have known better. “I’m sorry, Molly. I didn’t mean to put you in an awkward position.” His own awkward position, with the heavy boots held out at arm’s length, struck him suddenly and he laughed.

Molly laughed too and reached out. “There now, sir. Let me take those. You must have other shoes you’ll be wearing today. Breakfast will be waiting for you and the master, I’m sure.”

Still Peter hated to give over the boots. He didn’t begrudge Molly earning her living, but this seemed too grubby a task for a woman like her. “They’ll get your dress dirty.”

“That’s what my apron is for.”

“All right.” Slowly he lowered the offensive boots and let her take them by the comparatively clean tops.

“There! We’ll get these cleaned and oiled for you and back in your room before your next ride.”

“I doubt I’ll get to ride again before His Highness arrives.” Her eyes flickered. All the young women must be aflutter over the impending visit. Peter asked, “Are you eager to see the Prince of Wales?”

“I admit I am. Curious, you might say. But I’m much more interested in seeing Lord Washburn.”

Peter eyed her carefully. Surely he had misunderstood. “You wish to see Lord Washburn.”

The young woman’s face flushed and she looked away. “I beg pardon, sir. I shouldn’t have spoken up.”

You can purchase Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island from Amazon.

Susan is giving away a copy of Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


Jordan said...

I would love a chance to win a copy of this! I fell in love with PEI with Anne of Green Gables, and would love to read another book set there,especially one that sounds as good as this. :)


Lee Smith said...

I love this time period and the story sounds wonderful. Please enter me for a chance to win this book.

diana said...

I would love to be entered! This the most beautiful cover and the book sounds fascinating!

diana said...

oops-typo above. This IS...I just woke up, sorry.

Marianne said...

i love to read about Anne of Green Gables province (PEI) and would love to win this book. Thanks for the interview and chance at this book Esther and Susan. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com from Arizona

Charity said...

As has already been mentioned, this book reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. Has to be my absolute favorite movie! And the lady on the cover of this book looks like Anne:) Love it! Please enter me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I love the Love Finds You books...and would love to have this one!

Anonymous said...

I love the Love Finds You books...and would love to have this one!

Anonymous said...

I love the Love Finds You books...and would love to have this one!

noseinanovel said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this! I love all things PEI thanks to Anne of Green Gables :)

Please enter me!


Courtney said...

This book sounds fantastic! Thanks for a chance to win it!


Maureen said...

I would really want to read this book!

Leanne said...

I'd love to read this, too!

leanniegehrke at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good read!

Jo said...

I love reading the Love Finds You books and this one sounds great. Please enter me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that excerpt was GOOD! I love Susan's previous work so this is bound to be a WONDERFUL novel! Thanks for sharing the excerpt :-)

Molly AT reviewsbymolly DOT com

apple blossom said...

love the LFY books thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

lgm52 said...

Definitely on my TBR list!

diana said...

I'm trying to win this book everywhere. I think I have become a blog stalker. LOL Such a beautiful cover.

Katy said...

I'd love to be entered into this giveaway! This LFY book is beautiful!!!

~ Katy

diana said...

I'm typing past the lump in my throat, because I just found out I didn't win this book in another giveaway. Please enter me!

Carman said...

Please enter me! I love this cover and can't wait to read this book! :)

booklovercb at yahoo dot com

Charity U said...

I love love love the cover! Please enter me!

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