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Joanne Tropello's Shipley's Governess

As a romantic suspense and inspirational romance author, I write contemporary romance with a classic feel. I am also a freelance writer / marketing consultant, located in Pennsylvania.  I have two books published.  Shadowed Remembrances is a mystery novel and Mr. Shipley's Governess is an inspirational romance novel, published through Wild Horse Press. Several different companies have contracted me to write non-fiction, how-to articles each week.  I also work as a freelance marketing consultant for a local medical organization and I manage facebook and twitter accounts for different clients. I love to write and read and spend time with my family.

You can find Joanne online at her website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Shipley's Governess
Sophie Baird is looking for a way to escape the painful reality of her parents' deaths. Unable to live in their home any longer, she takes a job as a live-in tutor to Anastasia Shipley to remove herself from her painful memories and the feeling that God has abandoned her.

Anastasia has an illness that has prevented her from ever attending school and makes her father, Sebastian, over protective.

When Sophie first meets Sebastian, she cannot deny the intense attraction she feels toward him. When an unexpected romance begins between them, she starts to rebuild her relationship with God, with the help of a certain little girl.

Here's a first kiss excerpt from Shipley's Governess:

Sebastian leaned against the doorframe of the library, amused that Sophie continued reading, oblivious to his intrusion. He watched her scrunch up her face in consternation, engrossed in the book. “So, who do you like better, me or Mr. Knightly?” He heard her sharp intake of breath. She nearly dropped the book as she turned to look at her intruder.

“Definitely, that would be Mr. Knightly; he doesn’t have the habit of sneaking up on me.”

Sebastian sauntered into the room and sat in the chair opposite her. “Yes, he’s so charming. I hope to someday be like him.”

“Hey, don’t make fun. He is the epitome of the perfect gentleman.”

“Actually, I’m serious.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve read the same book as you. It must be a coincidence.”

Sophie smiled. “Really…you’re just trying to get on my good side.”

He leaned forward in mock surprise. “Huh, I thought I was on your good side already.”

“That depends on my mood.”

“I see. You’re all about a woman’s prerogative.”

“Yes, I live by that rule.”

He played along, enjoying the playful banter. “Oh, so you’re one of those.”

“You’d better believe it. It’s my prerogative to change my mind whenever I want.”

He fluidly maneuvered his way to the ottoman where her feet rested and he sat down. “I hope you don’t change your mind about me.”

“Well, that all depends on you.”

“I’d better be on my best behavior then.”

Sophie got up quickly and before he realized it, she walked across the room to the bookshelf. “So, you really read Emma, too. That’s still surprising and sweet.”

He followed her. “You’re avoiding any serious conversation, young lady.”

She moved away, running her finger along the spines of the books. He kept following, backing her into a corner. She leaned her hands against the windowsill and backed up as far as possible. She laughed nervously. “So, tell me again why you interrupted me.”

“I did it because I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now.” He cupped her face, tracing the outline of her lips with his thumb. Then he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her gently, at first, but soon his fervor matched hers. She put her arms around his neck and moved in closer. Finally, they pulled away from each other, both breathless. “I…I’m sorry.”

She touched his cheek. “Don’t be. I’ve wanted you to do that for a long time, too.”

He squeezed her hand. “I should get back to work. David’s going to wonder what happened to me.”

Sophie gave him a flirty smile. “Oh, I’m sure he knows.”

“Now try not to compare me too much to Mr. Knightly because there’s no contest, really.”

As he walked out of the room, he still felt the warmth of her lips on his and the softness of her body in his arms. He chided himself. “Shake it off, man.” Then he walked down the hall in search of his brother.

You can purchase Shipley's Governess from Amazon.

Joanne is giving away a copy of Shipley's Governess. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


Charity said...

OO!! Sounds wonderful! Thanks for the chance at winning it.


Joanne Sher said...

Sounds intriguing - and I REALLY like the author's name (and she even spells it right LOL).


Marianne said...

Thankyou Patty and Joanne for the interview and the chance to win Joanne's Shipley's Governess. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com

lgm52 said...

Sounds great!

LaTrease said...

The book sounds so exhilarating and full of hope. I enjoyed reading the small excerpt that draws you in to want to read more to now what happens. Great book title. I have not read romance novel. This one makes me want to start reading them more. Thanks! I have been inspired :o)

Joanne Troppello said...

Thank you everyone for stopping by today! It's very encouraging to read your comments about my book.

Blessings, Joanne

stuffandstories said...

The book sounds very interesting. I like the two characters in this excerpt, makes me want to read more. Good luck with it. Wish you much success.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very good book!

Linda Kish said...

I would love to read this book.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

JoAnn said...

Yesterday, I read Deborah Kinnard's post, but some how I didn't scroll down enought to see this one. Thanks for mentioning it on Authorsandreadersofromance loop! I'd love to read your story~

windycindy said...

Hi, I find the book cover very
interesting...Please enter me in
this book drawing!
Many thanks, Cindi

Anne Payne said...

WOW! That's some excerpt :) Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book.

Anne, rural NC


Nia for Jesus said...

P.L.E.A.S.E I read this excerpt a couple days ago and I was a goner!

Would made my week to win this!


Leanne said...

Oooooh, I loved the excerpt! I really want to read this!

leanniegehrke at hotmail dot com

Courtney said...

Sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance to win this!


karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

debijackson said...

This looks great and I would love to read it
djackson1958 (at)

Anonymous said...

Wow Shipley's Governess sounds wonderful! I'm excited to find another new Christian Fiction to read! Thanks for offering a copy for give away, and thanks for the awesome review and letting us know about your book
Blessings.....Joy Hannabass
and oh..Carmen sent me

Nia for Jesus said...
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Meredith said...

Loved the excerpt!

meredithfl at gmail dot com

Nia for Jesus said...

I'm a follower.
I'm subscriber.


Amy said...

Please enter me in to win this book. Thanks.


Nia for Jesus said...

Don't forget me!



Jo said...

I would love to read this book. Carman sent me.


Charlotte Kay said...

This sounds like a good read!
I LOVE books involving governesses!!!
Thanks for the giveaway!
Charlotte Kay
charlovesmark at gmail dot com

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