Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Teen Sensation, Double Vision

Guest post by Jennifer Slattery

Don't let their small stature fool you. When Micah and Mason Marrs of Double Vision sing, grown men are brought to tears, or to their feet in hallelujah, depending on the song. They've performed at state fairs, cafes and youth groups, but on Sunday morning you'll find them surrounded by a large group of toddlers, guitar in hand.

I first heard them sing at Forest Avenue Women's Shelter in downtown Kansas City. When they rose and moved to the center of the room, a few women giggled, likely not sure what to expect from these two teens. Their giggles soon turned to tears as lyrics speaking of an amazing, initiating love that reaches even to the depths of despair, poured out. The boys wrote the song for their grandmother, but it easily could have been for the women and children seated around them that night.

"We wrote..."Here" for our grandmother after she was diagnosed with breast cancer," Micah says. "We wrote it to encourage her during this tough time. It talks about how God is always there no matter what you're going through or what you are facing."

Their song encouraged the women at the shelter, and the women in turn encouraged them. "After one of our visits to the shelter we wrote a song called "There Is," Says Mason. "It tells the story of two of the ladies we talked to at the shelter that night. The first lady was homeless in the winter time and got really bad pnemonia. The second lady was sexually abused by her uncle and was thrown out when nobody believed her. This song talks about how we can find hope in Jesus even in dark times."

I've heard them sing numerous times since then, and each time is better than the last. Perhaps that is the result of hours upon hours of practice, or an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord--although likely it is both. God is molding them, training them, and guiding them to be lyrical instruments of His grace.

At thirteen, they've played more places than many musicians twice their age. One can't help but wonder how long they've been at it.

"We've been singing since we could talk," Mason says. "We started playing instruments together about two years ago."

They gave their first performance when they were three, singing, "Away in a manger" in church. They've played in numerous churches since, but that's not the only place you'll find them.

On Saturdays, you'll likely find them down at the Kansas City market, surrounded by hand-clapping admirers.

"We started playing on the streets as street performers a couple years ago," Micah says. "That has opened up many other opportunities to play at other places."

Visit their website to view their upcoming tour schedule, to schedule an event or to watch a few of their music videos.

Follow the link below to check them out for yourself. (But don't forget to stop back to leave a comment. I know they'd be encouraged.) Then come back tomorrow as they share what it's like to be PK's. (Pastor's kids.)

Double Vision


Charity U said...

So nice to have some teens who are into good music!

Jackie S. said...

What great guys....anxious to read more about them on next post!!

Naomi Musch said...

That is so awesome when they recognize their gifts and start using them young. One of my boys is a musician. I'm anxious to see how God uses him, too. I will check out the links for these boys.

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