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meet Lyle Way

I have been a dairy farmer, Deputy Sheriff, and a missionary with Stonecroft Ministries where I was the head of the shipping department and travelled the Midwest giving my testimony at club meetings. I then became the president and CEO of Carillon Retirement Center, where I served for 22 years. After retirement there I drove a bus for the Lubbock Public Transit system, CitiBus, for four years. Then I retired to write full time. When I was in my 60th year, I received my Bachelor of Theology degree from Trinity College of the Bible.

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Murder in Shades of Gray

A mysterious stranger approaches a gray haired retiree with an offer he can’t refuse. An untimely death shakes the foundations of a mega-corporation Larimore Industries. An unscrupulous nursing home director gets his just desserts.

Black and white turn to shades of Gray as the sinister Diablo offers the seduction of wealth to those who have spent an entire career ‘nose to the grindstone’ but with little to show for it. Diablo minimizes the evil of murder in shades of gray…”Everyone dies sometime,” Diablo explains. “We are simply rearranging the schedule.”

As the murder syndicate As Ochos begins to thrive, who can stop this scheme crafted by a retired mastermind accountant. It’s up to detectives Ventura, Pretraius, and Lakota Rising Star to tie the clues together and stop the killings. And what of the mysterious character Abisha and his mystical powers used for good and redemption?

Here's an excerpt of Murder in Shades of Gray:

Chapter One

Would people on the street notice a poor old gentleman shuffling down the sidewalk? If Oxley Van Dam had his way, he wouldn’t be poor at all, he would be a well-paid KILLER!
Oxley, or Ox as his few friends liked to call him, was a retired accountant. He was very tall and gangly, with arms too long for the shirts he wore. His thin gray face was covered with worry lines caused from a lifetime of working indoors away from the sun’s light. Oxley, who had always bristled at the nickname ‘Ox’, looked at the world through dark-framed glasses with huge lenses needed to assist his watery green eyes which had become weakened from a lifetime of peering at columns of numbers on white sheets of paper. Some people have bags under their eyes from lack of sleep or too much drink. He didn’t have bags; he had ‘trunks’ under his eyes, which dominated his face and gave him a permanent sad and weary expression resembling a terribly disappointed bloodhound.

But Oxley was neither sad nor weary. In fact, he was very ambitious and wanted to form his own business and be wealthy; no, he wanted to be stinking rich! He had taken orders from others all of his life and they got wealthy because of his excellent work while he received a pittance. Now it was his turn and he was going to pour his life and soul into his new enterprise. He planned on forming a syndicate that would eliminate people for a fee, a very high fee. He intended to use retired people who were about the same age as himself.

Ox had been sitting in the library for weeks looking for people who fit his criteria as possible associates. He knew in his heart he didn’t have the courage necessary to kill another person, so he was content to be the brains of this nefarious company and hire willing people who had the courage and the skill to become paid murderers.

Oxley was a clever chap and careful with details. From years of tax work he had learned many ways to avoid the long arm of the government. He had also learned there are a lot of people in the world who hated someone; hated someone enough to pay to have a person ‘rubbed out’, as the movies liked to say.

Oh, he knew the infamous Mafia would perform such duties and they had been in business for a long time and had lots of contacts. But he felt there was enough business for both because his syndicate would be so small it probably would not appear on the Mafia’s radar screen.

You can purchase Murder in Shades of Gray from Amazon.

Lyle is giving away a copy of Murder in Shades of Gray. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


lgm52 said...

Sounds like a good read. Please enter me!

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I've just put this on my TBR list. Love the concept! Thanks!


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This book sounds very exciting and I would love a chance to read it.

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I'd love to read this book! Please enter me. (Keiki at The Vessel Project sent me)


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This book sounds intriguing.

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This sounds VERY good. Would love it.

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I love mysteries!

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Would love to win a copy of Murder in Shades of Gray. Thanks for the chance.

Cindy W.


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Please enter me. Thanks!


windycindy said...

I once thought about getting a degree in Theology, also! I am
55 now...
Your book sounds right down my alley.
Many thnaks, Cindi

Trinity Rose said...

Looks like a fantastic book.
My favorite genre.
Trinity Rose
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This sounds like a great book!

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Sounds like a very good book. Please enter me.

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