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Meet Delia Latham, Author of Destiny's Dream

Guest post by Jennifer Slattery

Delia Latham has been writing essays and stories since the third grade. Her publications include Goldeneyes, published by Vinspire Publishing, Yesterday's Promise, published by White Rose Publishing, and the popular Solomon's Gate Series, published by White Rose Publishing. Today she's here to talk about her latest release, Destiny's Dream, where she receives her inspiration, and her relationship with Jesus Christ, the Divine Author.

Delia, the concept for Destiny's Dream is very unique—a conservative Christian woman starting a dating service. Where did you get such a fun idea?

Over a decade ago, I read a book based around a dating agency. It, too, was part of a series. I enjoyed it so much, and I kept thinking about it. How fun would it be to base a book around a Christian dating agency? I loved the idea, but I didn’t get right on it. I mulled it over while doing dishes, making beds, and sweeping floors. I dreamed up scenes while driving down the road in my car. I created characters as I sat by the fireplace in the evenings. Then finally—ten years later—I woke up one morning and it was as though God said, “It’s time. Do it.” By the time I started writing Destiny’s Dream, the idea had developed into an entire series, and God had given me a little extra touch of the divine to incorporate into my dating agency. I loved writing this series! Hopefully, my readers will get as much out of the finished stories as I got out of creating them.

This is the second book of yours I've read, and both of them brought me from tears to giggles. Are you that emotional—grin—in real life? But seriously, I'm envisioning your home full of giggles. Is that the case? Do you have a special memory you can share?

You know, I don’t consider myself a really funny person. The humor in these stories took me by very pleasant surprise. My husband and I have shared a lot of laughs and humorous moments with our four children (all adults now), but trust me—there was as much drama and tears in our home as in anyone else’s. I just thank God for the sense of humor that got us through those unpleasant times…and helped me find a way to turn the frowns upside down.

Throughout the story, Destiny relied heavily on prayer. What draws you closest to God? Do you have a special place you like to pray?

Praise and worship music always touches my heart and puts me in a worshipful mood. I love songs that help me feel God’s presence so strong that I can almost reach out and touch Him. I enjoy praying in front of my fireplace, with the lights dimmed and soft worship music in the background. But I also take the scripture to heart that admonishes us to “pray without ceasing.” I talk to God all the time…a little like I write. I do it while I’m working around the house; driving down the road; enjoying a solitary get the picture. ☺

What is Destiny's greatest struggle?

Destiny has a hard time getting people to take her dream seriously. Even her socialite sister bucks the idea of a dating agency in their conservative town—especially one run by a member of her family! Then, when a madman threatens Destiny and her clients, she struggles with keeping the doors open in the face of people being hurt because of it.

What is her greatest strength?

She has an unwavering trust in God. She knows God made Solomon’s Gate possible. She knows He called her to this ministry…bringing hearts together, helping people find the loves God created for them. So despite impossible financial situations, despite ridicule from people she loves, despite the unexpected element of danger, she clings to that knowledge, and to her dream.

What primary truth (or truths) do you hope your readers will walk away with having read Destiny's Dream?

I hope they’ll find themselves in possession of a little of Destiny’s faith and trust. Also, remember that extra little “element of the divine” I said God inserted into this series without my prior knowledge? Well, I hope readers come away believing a little more in that, because I sure did!

This is the first book in a three part series, correct? Tell us a bit about the next book.

I thought you’d never ask! LOL Here’s a short blurb from Kylie’s Kiss:

She seeks the fairy tale kiss that will make her heart come alive.
His beloved daughter has already been scarred by one woman’s selfish negligence. Can he ever trust another with his heart and little Lea’s life?
Their secret fears threaten to destroy any chance at happiness together.
But Heaven has a plan…

I can't wait to read it! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. Readers, hop on over to Delia's website to find out more about her and her delightful novels.

Delia is giving away a leather bound Max Lucado Journal called, Grace For the Moment.


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sounds like a good book thanks

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Please enter me in the giveaway! :-)

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Katy said...

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Have to read this book!

Patty Wysong said...

Delia has been trying to leave comments today, to each of you that's posted, but for some reason Blogger is not letting her.

So, from Delia--thank you for stopping by!

Delia Latham said...

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, ladies! Happy Birthday, Jim! And Patty...thank you for covering for me. I still can't comment on my laptop for some reason...hoping this will go through on my desktop. This is me, crossing my fingers...

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sounds very good!

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Delia, What a wonderful gift!
I LOVE Max's books and devotionals!
They are so inspiring!
Charlotte Kay
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A dating agency in a small town sounds fun, but challenging, since it's a place where everyone already knows everyone and everything!

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