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meet Caron Guillo

Caron Guillo writes, travels, prays, eats and laughs. When desperate for chocolate, she’s been known to spoon it straight from a tub of frosting.

You can find Caron online at her website and on Twitter.

An Uncommon Crusade

Only God can save them now . . .

Elisabeth, Simon, and Hugo join an ill-fated commoner’s crusade to Jerusalem in search of wealth, glory, and redemption. But their dreams are destroyed when Elisabeth and Simon are sold into slavery and Hugo finds himself adrift at sea.

From the dark forests of thirteenth century Germany, through treacherous alpine passes, to a sprawling estate in Egypt, three lives become linked in a desperate journey.

What reviewers are saying about An Uncommon Crusade:
Elisabeth, Simon, and Hugo join an ill-fated commoner’s crusade to Jerusalem in search of wealth, glory, and redemption. But their dreams are destroyed when Elisabeth and Simon are sold into slavery and Hugo finds himself adrift at sea.

From the dark forests of thirteenth century Germany, through treacherous alpine passes, to a sprawling estate in Egypt, three lives become linked in a desperate journey.

“A very powerful story . . . it made me feel a little more human when reading it.”
—Amazon Top Reviewer

“In An Uncommon Crusade, Caron Guillo transports her readers back to a time when youthful exuberance died a thousand deaths. Some, however, found faith and courage in defeat. With warmth and humor, Guillo weaves an unforgettable story of hope and perseverance in a cruel and unforgiving world.”
—Jack Cavanaugh, Co-Author with Bill Bright of The Great Awakenings series

“From the first breath this epic journey seizes the mind and the soul in an intelligent and passionate web of brokenness and hope….Caron’s story captivates because it’s our story...of innocence lost and
redemption unexpectedly found. You will undoubtedly find yourself in these delightful pages!”
—Jerome Daley, Life coach, speaker, & author of Soul Space and The New Rebellion Handbook

“Caron Guillo weaves a rich tapestry with An Uncommon Crusade, ushering you into another time and place with characters you can't help but love. Her unique writing style blends three journeys into a powerful story of understanding, forgiveness, and transformation.”
—Jodi Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author & Writer in Residence, West Texas A&M University

“Although this novel uses the Children’s Crusade of 1212 as its background, it is not a historical chronicle, but a very personal story, with few of the actual political players of the period appearing in a major role. Instead, the story traces the lives of several of the young followers of Nicholas of Cologne as they travel to Jerusalem, and over the years after the Crusade disperses. Each of the characters . . . comes across as bold, rich, and easy to relate to rather than overworked. The author does a good job weaving the divergent stories together, both in terms of the pacing and in the way they come together at the end of the tale . . . an enjoyable story with believable characters and an exciting plot.”
—Publishers Weekly

Here's an excerpt of An Uncommon Crusade:

Chapter 1

Mid-March AD 1212, the Black Forest, Holy Roman Empire

Sixteen-year-old Elisabeth’s lying-in began at dusk, her water spilling in a warm and sudden rush.

Mama’s husband, Ort, cursed and trudged out the warped wooden doorway of their single-room hut beside the cooper’s workshop. Off to the village tavern, more than likely. Elisabeth’s older sister protested before running for the midwife as Mama ordered. Elisabeth hadn’t a clue what she should do other than swallow back the fear that accompanied the birth pangs.

“The midwife won’t come,” Methild said an hour later.

Mama’s head snapped up. “Why not?”

Methild crossed her arms. She didn’t bother to spare Elisabeth’s feelings with a whisper. “The priest has forbidden the old woman to help.”

Mama’s eyes shifted to Elisabeth. “Very well. Get fresh hay from the shed,” she told Methild. “And we’ll need a knife. Bring one of Ort’s sharpest.”

The blood drained from Elisabeth’s head, leaving her dizzy. “Mama?”

“The knife is only to cut the cord.” Mama’s eyes softened. “I’ve given birth to six children, daughter. I know what to do.”

Of course. Elisabeth watched her mother bustle about the cottage, loosening knots and unlatching the chest in the corner to encourage Elisabeth’s womb to open. So many times in childbirth, and no more than two of Mama’s babes had survived. Three died in infancy, but not poor James. Elisabeth remembered him as a gentle and kindly big brother before fever took him a dozen years ago.

Despite the shame Elisabeth’s pregnancy had brought, she knew Mama hoped for another boy in the family. And not only because of Ort’s threat to turn out Elisabeth and the child unless she delivered a son. Mama wanted a grandson. She’d never said so plainly, but Elisabeth guessed she wanted to see James in the child’s eyes. Or Papa.

Another spasm gripped Elisabeth’s abdomen. She groaned through it, freckled hands gripping the tattered blanket beneath her. Wisps of ginger hair matted on her forehead, and smoke from the central fire pit made her choke and gasp.

She normally loved the smell of the cooking fire. Found comfort there, stirring a pot of soup, making something delicious from the very little they had. But tonight, the fire’s wispy gray fingers wrapped themselves around her throat like death itself.

A person couldn’t die cursed by the church, could they? Or by God? Where would their soul go?

You can purchase An Uncommon Crusade from Amazon.

Caron is giving away a copy of An Uncommon Crusade. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.


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