Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CoTT: Laying Bare

COTT guest post by Michelle Massaro.

Reading all the excerpts shared at Clash of the Titles this month, and discussing falling for heroes, has made me think back to other tender scenes I've encountered. Many stories make our hearts beat faster or awaken a deep longing within us—both in books and movies—and one such story is The Notebook. Yeah, yeah, it's often ridiculed by the guys. But women everywhere swoon. Why? Because in the movie we see a man who loves a woman—even when she doesn't know him.

Sound familiar?

We've been having a pitter-patter love fest here at COTT the past few weeks with all these Romantic Moments--by Lorna Seilstad, Elaine Marie Cooper, Joanne Troppello, and Karen Witemeyer--and as we come down off the sugar rush of Valentine's candy it occurred to me that no Valentine's month would be complete without focusing on our first love. And I don't mean the boy you kissed behind the bleachers in seventh grade, or even prince charming. I'm talking about the King of Kings. Today I thought it only appropriate to turn my eyes upward.

John 1:10 tells us that He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him.

So The Notebook in this way is a picture of Christ loving his bride, the church. Christ is the lover of our souls!

We also read in Romans 5:8 that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. And from John 15:13 we know Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

His love is not based on what we do or how we look. It's not based on seduction, flirtation, or how we make Him feel. He loves us for who we are; He loves us when we are exposed.

Isn't it breath-takingly romantic when a husband finds his wife most beautiful first thing in the morning, before she's applied her makeup and arranged her hair just right? So also, we need no "beauty tricks" to win Him. We don't need to hide our flaws, whether physical or spiritual. We couldn't if we tried—all things are laid bare before Him. And yet He loves us. Enough to die.

That's what I call a hero.

Thank you, Jesus, for rescuing me and drawing me into your embrace; for loving me with all my flaws exposed. I'm deep in love with you, Lord.

What other pictures of Christ have you found in romantic stories? Or, share how He captures your heart.

COTT guest post by Michelle Massaro


Jackie S. said...

Oh yeah, The Notebook can't be challenged in showing special love. I've read it and seen movie over and over

Michelle Massaro said...

There's nothing like being loved for who you are, even when you aren't who you'd like to be! =)

Christi MC said...

Once when I felt very alone after my mother passed away, I walked through the house feeling so alone. I felt it unfair that she had died and wished I had a chance to say a goodbye face to face. I went out the backdoor and with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart looked up to ask God; Why? There hovering over my backyard in the early evening sky, while other clouds drifted past was a large gray cloud, in the shape of a perfect heart. I knew instantly God was speaking to my heart, telling me of his love and reassuring me that my mother had known I loved her, and she loved me. God is full of unexpected suprising things for us.

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