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Meet Cheryl Moeller

A guest post by Diane Loew.
Meet Cheryl Moeller. Cheryl Moeller, M.A.R., is a proud launderer, wife, mother of six children (ages 11 to 28), one son-in-law, and three hungry dogs. Cheryl is grandmum to Ben. She has been married to her husband, Bob, for 31 years, and together they are co-founders of For Better, For Worse, For Keeps Ministries.

I met Cheryl when her dad Rev. Roy Webster became the pastor of the church I was attending in Flint, MI. I was around 13 and she was 9. I was better friends with her older sister Cinda. We have reconnected on facebook and she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders, teachers, and mentor for my writing.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to know her.

Diane: Growing up as a PK – preacher’s kid, there must have been some great things as well as not so great things that went along with the territory. What was the most challenging part?

Cheryl: Maybe people thinking we wanted to get picked to lead a song or say a verse, when really we didn’t.

Diane: What was the best part of having a Dad as a pastor?

Cheryl: Getting to roll under the pews during the week when no one was in the church building.

Diane: Did you grow up thinking you would be in the ministry or would be a PW – preacher’s wife?

Cheryl: I felt a call to full time Christian service, when I was nine years old. I was in the children’s tent during camp meeting at Gaines Camp, Gaines, Michigan and they had a missionary as a special children’s speaker. He challenged us that we should be willing to go if called God us. He asked that we consider Christ’s call first instead of last. And, that night I told God that if he wanted me to serve fulltime, I would do where-ever he wanted me to go.

Diane: Ah, yes, camp meeting. The memories of the long trough drinking fountain, the tabernacle with the side windows propped open that looked like a huge bird ready to take off. All the picnic tables outside where you could actually be in church when you were outdoors. That was a big deal as a kid. There is something about Camp Meeting.

Diane: What’s better – being PK or PW?

Cheryl: I think it’s easier to be a PK.

Diane: Why would you say that?

Cheryl: Because it's a lot easier to be a PK than to be a PW. Your pastor's wife needs a lot of encouragement and I encourage you to do that for her.

Diane: Where have you ministered as PW?

Chery: IN, OH, MN, AZ, and IL

Diane: Tell us about your family and what they are up to. I know you have a daughter in Israel. How is that having one of your chicks so far from the nest?

Cheryl: I believe God gives a special grace for parents of missionaries. It’s not easy when friends walk into Starbucks with their adult daughters and mine is so far away. But God is good and I know the safer place for her, her husband, and sweet baby to be is in the center of God’s will.

Diane: Did you wake up one morning and decide, I think I’ll be a comedian or did life just suck you into it?

Cheryl: I felt called to do comedy six years ago, but I ran from the call for over a year. Comedy is so transparent and vulnerable. I worried that no one would laugh. Then, on one of my older sister’s 50th birthday, she sent everyone a youtube of herself swimming across the deep end in her city pool. All year she had taken private swimming lessons, then surprised us with swimming laps on her 50th birthday. She was the one of us four sisters who had never learned how to swim even though my mom sent us all to swimming lessons.

Diane: A lot of your humor comes from your daily life, right?

Chery: I find my humor for sketches and skits from the everydayness of life.

Diane: When did you first pursue comedy?

Cheryl: I started by doing momlaughs blog and then started using the stories and Top Ten Lists that I posted on my blog. One thing led to another and now it’s a regular part of most things that I do. I have even talked my husband Bob into incorporating more humor into his conferences.

Diane: When did you first pursue writing?

Cheryl: I had an amazing creative writing teacher in high school in Flint, Michigan. Mrs. Pirrett walked in the first day of Creative Writing Class my sophomore year and said a lot of you are going to get published in national magazines this year. She proved to be right. People did because she believed they could and taught them to believe they could, also!

Diane: Did you start out writing or doing your comedy act first?

Cheryl: I wrote first in other nonfiction topics. Then moved into the comedy only five years ago.

Diane: I notice your books are family oriented. They are categorized as comedy, cooking and marriage. I’m looking forward to a day when I can sit down to a meal from your cookbook while reading a marriage book with a humorous slant – think you can make that happen?

Chery: The cookbooks are all about encouraging families to sit down together to eat two or three meals together everyday. The comedy is all about having fun as a family and couple. The marriage books are all about connecting two hearts for a lifetime, which need a third cord – Jesus Christ.

The family that eats, plays, and prays together; stays together.

Diane: Seriously, how did your ministry evolve into being marriage centered?

Cheryl: I think that was primarily because we both have nieces and nephews from broken families and we don’t want other kids to have to go through that pain.

Diane: Do you feel more pressure to have a “perfect” marriage? – You know practice what you preach.

Cheryl: We try to live our lives before God and people as an open book. How can you not do that with six kids? I feel like because the Lord is my shepherd; we have everything that we need in Christ Jesus. What more can we want or need? I guess as a pastor's kid and then as a pastor's wife, I am used to the fish bowl. I just try to walk before the Lord each day, hand in hand with Bob and leave the rest and the results to God. We are not perfect, but are forgiven by God's grace alone.

Diane: Have you ever been caught in public being ouchy with each other and hoped no one saw you?

Cheryl: Yes, one time I asked Bob for keys and asked him to throw them to me and I did not catch them. In fact I missed catching them by about 10 feet and really hoped no one saw me. That was the last time we tossed keys to one another. HA! Now we carry them to the intended person.

Diane: What is the one thing we would be most surprised to know about you?

Cheryl: I always go back in after the rest of the family is in the car and double check every lock, window, and large and small appliance. My mom always did that, too. My mom’s family had a house fire when she was growing up on a dairy farm in northern Michigan, so I think we have in our minds to check and then double check.

Diane: What is one thing you don’t want us to know about you?

Cheryl: I struggle like every other writer to discipline myself for time to write. I wish it was easier. I wish there was an easy formula, but writer's just need to go ahead and write. It's talent and gifting, but it's also a lot of hard work and discipline. I am praying for more discipline in my writing this year.

Diane: What is your next project?

Cheryl: A crockpot cookbook with a national company.

Diane: As a mentor/teacher to writers, what are your top 5 “must dos” to be a successful writer?

1. Look your reader right into the eyes and share yourself.

2. Develop your storytelling skills.

3. Read broadly from a lot of sources. Go into the library one day a month and just browse magazines and books.

4. All you have to offer is who you are, so keep developing and growing, especially in the area of becoming more like Christ.

5. Read a chapter from Proverbs every day to learn about getting along with people. Read a chapter from Psalms every day to learn about getting to know God.

I hope you’ve all had a good time learning about Cheryl and experiencing her heart. Stop back tomorrow for the “rest of the story”.

Cheryl is giving away a copy of Marriage Miracle. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.

A guest post by Diane Loew.


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