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Day two with Cheryl Moeller and Diane

A guest post by Diane Loew.

Welcome back to Day two with Cheryl and Diane. For those you might have missed yesterday’s installment on the Book Loft you may want to scroll down and read it first. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you.

Pretty good, huh? Ok let’s get going on today’s.

Diane: Can you give us a list of your books in order of when they were written? What prompted you to write each one?

Over 100 free or nearly free creative and practical ideas to do with preschool kids.  Each idea is short and organized under 8 subjects matters like math, science, reading, playing, etc.  The book is ideal for mom, grandmom, babysitter, Sunday school teacher or preschool teacher to use as a curriculum or a supplement to another curriculum.  Illustrated by Susan R. Smith. 

Lexi’s Homeschool Diary (a chapter novel for children) by Cheryl and MacKenzie Moeller
First of it's kind, chapter novel with homeschooled characters.  It's a novel filled with fun, family, and faith that kids love.  At the end of each chapter is curriculum that mom loves.  It's at about a kindergarten through second grade level for the child to read or dad to read aloud.  Illustrated by Linda Gredy.

Baby Saves Christmas by Cheryl and Melissa (Briggs) Moeller
The true meaning of Christmas told in a story line that contains practical ideas of real gifts you could really make together.  Grandma and grandpa have no money for gifts, but Baby really does save Christmas.  Beautifully illustrated by Susan R. Smith.

Marriage Minutes by Bob and Cheryl Moeller
Got a minute? It seems like such a short amount of time.  What can we do in a minute?  According to the experience of Bob and Cheryl Moeller, a minute spent with God and your spouse every day can change your marriage and your life.

God's got a beautiful plan for your marriage. Have you discovered it? See what God has to say about your marriage by spending a minute each day with Marriage Minutes. Each devotional is centered around a particular subject related to marriage and a couple's walk with the Lord and contains a pertinent Scripture passage. The Moellers share the Bible's truth on many topics in your marriage.

Keep Courting by Bob and Cheryl Moeller
"Bob has been my Valentine for nearly 31 years! He swept me off my feet, with his elaborate courting! There’s no better time than today, to revive your courtship. Courtship shouldn't end with marriage. 'Keep courting:  100 Ways to Keep Courting After Marriage' will fan the flames of continued courtship."  - Cheryl Moeller

A gift book!  50 ways to keep courting your husband and 50 ways to keep courting your wife.


For Better For Worse For Keeps by Bob and Cheryl Moeller
For Better, For Worse, For Keeps is a book about hope- hope for couples who have watched their marriages go from a passionate love affair to a daily drudgery, or even worse. But it isn't a book just for marriages on the brink. It is for any couple who desires to renew their love and commitment to their marriage. Hope, love, grace, a fresh start, a second chance - these are the essential elements of renewing a marriage when the going gets tough.

Marriage Miracle by Bob and Cheryl Moeller
This exciting new release shows couples how to resolve their marriage relationships by softening their hearts toward one another.  Scripture based and story-driven, this book walks couples through the process of liberation and sets them free to embrace all that God intended for their marriage.

Help! Mom’s Stuck on Spin Cycle by Cheryl Moeller
At last a book and CD that answers the proverbial question, “Where is my other sock?.” Cheryl Moeller, who spent 30 years in the laundry room emerges at last to tell her story – such as the time Metamucil tablets left in a pants pocket became the size of basketballs after 30 minutes in the washing machine. Her over-the-laundry pile humor will help you laugh your way through motherhood -- 31 days in a row.

As far as why I wrote them, I guess I just got ideas being open to God’s leading and people’s suggestions.

Diane: I know you love each one, just like your children, but do you have a favorite?

Cheryl: Help! Mom’s Stuck on Spin Cycle is some of my syndicated comedy columns and sketches for standup comedy which I love to do.

Diane: Do you have any upcoming projects for us to watch for coming out soon?

Cheryl: I am writing a Crockpot Cookbook due out next Christmas. I love my crockpot. It’s my best friend. Who else could be so patient and have such a listening ear? I feel like a rocket scientist when I have dinner in the crockpot and it’s 9:00 AM in the morning.

Diane: Two more questions. What has been your biggest disappointment regarding your writing?

Cheryl: This year I am thrilled to be writing my cookbook with Harvest House Publishers, so I am thinking the sky is the ceiling at this point. I have a lot more ideas I am working on and very excited about. I guess my disappointment is that I don't have a best seller yet, but the word is yet!

Diane: What has been your greatest surprise or joy pertaining to your writing?

Cheryl: I was an editor and literary agent and yearned to write myself and slowly and with a lot of hard work, I developed so I could co-author with Bob. Now, I am at a level that I can do every other project with Bob and every other project on my own. So that is a great joy and surprise. He's got a few projects that he is working on himself also, so it works out great. He wants to do more adult fiction and I want to do more adult non-fiction. I am surprised with joy at my writing future. Smile.

As you can see Cheryl with all her responsibilities has figured out how to pursue her writing while trying to keep all the plates spinning. I am sure she will be the first to say she has broken many a plate along the way, yet she continues on. You can keep up with her at and at .

I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned as much as I have these two days with Cheryl.

Cheryl is giving away a copy of Marriage Miracle. To be entered in the book giveaway, leave a comment. You can enter the book giveaway twice--once on each spotlight post.

A guest post by Diane Loew.


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