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meet Tina Pinson

I live in Grand Junction, Colorado with, Danny, my high school sweetheart. We've been married 30+ years. We own and operate Omega Avionics and our newest venture, F & S Tire. We have three grown sons, two beautiful daughter-in-laws and 5 grand children.

You can find her online at her website:
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Touched by Mercy
The west seemed to hold all of Samantha's dreams, but was it far enough away to save her from her nightmares?


She wasn’t Samantha’s daughter, but she should have been. Sam mothered her with love like she was her own. The child became heaven in her world.

Now the child was gone. Samantha felt her world slipping away. She had to find Angelina. She prayed. But doubted God would hear her. How could he when she was so dirty? And how could she trust a God who she believed abandoned her? Hopefully this God wouldn’t abandon Angelina.

God uses the gentle hands of another carpenter to strip back the layers of abuse that have tarnished her faith and worth to teach Sam there is mercy instead of shame, and love. And though it seems out of reach, she always had freedom in Christ.

Here's an excerpt of Touched by Mercy:

Lorena wadded the dress into a ball, crammed it into the worn carpetbag, and looked up. "Don't wrap her legs. You might wake her."

"It's cold outside," her accomplice declared.

She lifted the floppy-eared bunny with the purple bow from the pillow, gave a it shrewd once-over, then threw it across the bed before she turned her gaze to the idiot before her. "She won't freeze to death from the door to the carriage."

"Yes, ma'am." He winced. His Adam's apple bucked as he pulled the girl into his arms. Her bare legs dangled from beneath the blanket. He tugged the cloth down.

"I said not to worry about her legs. Just bring her along," Lorena spit through her teeth. The child started to whimper. "Good heavens, why couldn't you listen?"

"I--" he started.

"Mommy?" The child pushed the blanket from her head and twisted in the servant's arms.

"Cover her mouth and bring her."

The servant did as bade and headed for the door.

Picking up the bag, Lorena followed him out of the room and to the stairs.

"Ow." He stopped quickly on the landing. His hand flew into the air with his whispered curse.

Lorena back peddled her steps before she found herself planted against him. "Now what?"

"She bit me."

The child whimpered and stuck her head out of the covers again. "Mommy?"

Lorena dropped the carpetbag and clamped her hand over the girl's mouth. "Can't you handle a two-year-old?"

"She bit me." He studied his wound. "She drew blood."

"Imbecile." She drew a long breath and using her free hand worked the kinks from her left brow. The child squirmed beneath her hand. The girl's tongue touched her palm. "Bite me, and so help me I'll slap you."

The child's blue eyes turned glassy.

Lorena met her stare. "That's right, I'll slap you. Now be a good girl for once in your life."

The child studied Lorena, her gaze disconnected when she laid her head against the servant's shoulder.

"See how simple it is?" Lorena lifted her hand from the girl's mouth and reached for the carpetbag. "Cover her mouth and let's go before we wake the house."

Wake, Samantha.

Thank heaven her father had locked Samantha in the attic for being disagreeable at dinner. Otherwise, she'd never get the child out of the house without a fight. Tonight, though, things seemed to be in her favor.

You can purchase Touched by Mercy from Amazon.

Instead of giving a book away, Tina is holding a contest to celebrate the release of Touched By Mercy. She's giving away a Nook Color ereader and two gift certificates. Just go to her blog site, and under the Touched By Mercy Contest tab you will find the details.
Contest entries have to be in by December 31, 2010. That's TOMORROW, folks, so head over now.


Anonymous said...

This sounds very intriguing. djragno at hotmail dot com

Patty Wysong said...

This is one of the few spotlights that is NOT a giveaway. Tina is hosting a contest on her site to giveaway a free Nook so be sure to click through and enter there!

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