Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Welcome! The Book Loft is a site dedicated solely to Christian author spotlights to help promote Christian authors and their books. It’s a sister site to The Barn Door, a midwestern group blog.

For the most part we do two-day spotlights with book giveaways in order to give the author more air time and readers appreciate the shorter posts and the two chances to enter the book drawing. Contact me here for dates and include your title and around when you'd like a spotlight.

Our readers expect clean books from Christian writers. Please understand we cannot accept books with actual cursing or foul language. We have had readers complain about this, so if your characters say Hell or worse, we will need to pass.

Our purpose at The Barn Door Book Loft Bookshelf is to promote good reading. We interview Christian authors, spotlight their books, and offer U.S. readers a chance to receive a free book just for commenting within two weeks of the spotlight post.  

Since our purpose is to promote the author, the books do not have to be a new release and they can be fiction or non-fiction.
We will pre-post and get you in as soon as we get your information. Remind us of when your book will release, if it is not already published.
Please be prepared to give away a book to a winner. Our readers prefer a paper book. Ebooks such as kindle versions still receive very few comments. We never offer PDF copies as a prize on this blog.

The free book will be the one featured in the spotlight. If you have other books coming up, you may mention them in the interview, but the interview will be based on the book you are offering to our readers.

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